Thursday, October 27, 2011


     So, here it is........ the Wisneski Family Blog!!!   Some of you out there have been waiting for ions for a blog.  Now I'm just nervous that I have to live up to such hype.  YIKES!    I can't promise that I'll blog often and I can't promise that I'll include tons of pictures...... but I finally started!!!
     Cross your fingers and let's hope that I can at least make it interesting once in awhile!
     Life has definitely been an adventure for this military family and it continues to be a fun ride!!!  We have been blessed with amazing people in our lives and wonderful memories to share!   So, here, I will share them with you -- the people, the adventures, the memories!!

(Haven't figured out how to post a pic yet... I have to go get Blake from his nap...then I'll figure it out.  :-)