Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Turkey Day 2011

So, for Thanksgiving, you have to have an INDIAN... (see Anna in the middle??)

and a PILGRIM ......

and a cute baby boy gnawing on his first turkey leg!!!   YUM!!!

Then, add in our fun cousin, Harbour!!!    (Aren't we a handsome pair?? )

Aunt Susie  and Uncle Jeff too  :-)

Gotta clean up for some good eating!!  (Wayne, Jeff and our neighbor FRIED the turkey this year!!!)

Gotta have time to hang out on the beach......

and run barefoot through the "waves".....

and "watch" some football!!!
(Jeff's Ravens won!!!  Brother vs. brother -- good game!!)

There was a spread of great food, shopping done on Black Friday,  football watched, some bike riding, playing at the playground and really enjoying the company of our family!!!    We are so thankful that Susie, Jeff and Harbour made it over here to make our first Florida Thanksgiving a special one!!!     Now we look forward to Scott and Todd coming over for Christmas!!   (NaNa is here for the pre-Christmas shopping and present wrapping :-)  :-)
We hope that ALL of your Thanksgivings were beautiful and fun.  And we're with you all as the Christmas season is here and filling our hearts and our home with JOY!!!!