Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My CRAZY little peanut - Anna - is FIVE!!!    She is such a QT and a blast to have around!!  Always doing something nice or very silly - Anna makes us smile a lot!!   The past 5 years with her have been so fantastic!!  I know that this year to come will prove the same - wonderful!!
 We got to celebrate Anna's birthday in Houston with Nana, Uncle Scott, Uncle Todd, Aunt Carrie, Stephanie, Jonathan, Isabel and Allyson!!!    Throwing an impromptu celebration, complete with cupcakes and cousins, was a blast!!

(This cake turned out better than Eve's "horse corral" cake!!  yeah!!)

Then we got to visit a historic ranch just south of Houston.  Eve and Anna LOVED seeing the horses and cowboys while running around roping "bulls" and eating some chuckwagon grub!!   GOOD TIMES!!

FIRST TOOTH LOST.................... yes, on the drive home from Houston, Anna popped out her own tooth.... literally, it flew across the van -- WOW!!     She was/is so proud. 

Now for a party perfect for any princess..................

The neighborhood friends all came over  (LOVE these sweet girls!!).   Off the top of my head, I managed to come up with "princess games" that didn't cost me anything -- YEAH!!   We learned how to....
 walk like a princess (by balancing books on our heads)
dance like a princess (by playing the "freeze" dance game)
talk like a princess (by playing the "old" game of telephone)

dress like a princess  (by playing a quick dress game wearing tiaras, necklaces, purses, skirts and mom's HIGH heels).
This was sooooo much fun to watch!!!!   Little girls in high heels trying to hurry to win (even though there was no prize) --- so funny!!!!

Then of course, many sweet and thoughtful gifts.  THANK YOU FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!

Anna ended up her birthday "week" by playing dance games on the Wii!!!  Can you tell that she and Eve love their cowgirl hats??  Perfect when dancing to cotton eyed joe!!!
 It was a wonderful birthday for my sweet five year old Anna!!   It made us also reminisce about past birthdays.   Her first birthday was celebrated with Susie and Jeff out in California and also at Lake Tahoe with Scott, Todd, Michael, Charles and Carrie.
Her second birthday was celebrated in Germany in  Kelly's hotel room with our new friends!!
Her third birthday was fun, spent in Ireland with Grammy, Aunt Nancy and a few more Irish relatives!!  (how many kids get to say they've spent a birthday in Germany, Ireland and the states??!!)
And, last year, her fourth birthday, was shared with her good friend, Tate!!  A super hero party at an indoor "fun house"!   ALWAYS FUN when surrounded by our best buddies!!!

And, like with Eve, I leave you with one of Anna's first pictures.   Here she is only days old.... so quiet, so peaceful, so Anna!!!!    I LOVE YOU PEANUT!!!

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