Monday, November 28, 2011


Don't you just want to reach out and pinch their little behinds like my aunt and I did?!?!?!  

So, what a FABULOUS TIGER DAY!!!   Wayne and I dropped the kiddos off with pawpaw in Biloxi (for Blake's 10 month birthday :-)  and headed over to Baton Rouge with mom, Uncle Jay and Sherry..............  let the tailgating begin!!!
We, of course, brought lots of great food and drinks and Jay brought a smoker to make some drunken chicken and boudin  and some ribs!!!   WOW!!!  The food was so good!!!  
I also enjoyed showing Wayne around campus (Thanks, Scott and Carrie for being tour guides)  and reliving some LSU memories!!

But, even better than the tummy filling yumminess and the campus tour, was  the COMPANY!!!
Is it just me or is my family AWESOME!?!?!   It's not just me.................
We played some football, some "washers", ate great food, shared new news and even had some unexpected news too!!!   It's always a good time when you're with the people you LOVE, right??  :-)

To top it off --- it was the evening of LSU Homecoming and our Tigers went on to beat the Western kentucky Hilltoppers  (what the heck is a hilltopper?? :-)  and go 10-0 for the first time since 1958!!!   WOW!!!  So, very exciting!!   If you were watching the game, you saw me dancing in the stands and cheering until my throat hurt  (mom actually lost her voice -- HA!!)!!!

A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!!!   (Unless you're not an LSU fan -- in which case, you're crazy anyway.  :-)
Now, we're 12-0 and looking for not only an SEC victory, but a BCS WIN too!!!

(Sara -- thank you for your tech support -- I DID IT!!!   Even though you're a Michigan fan -- yeah for beating OSU this weekend -- we'll take you as our LSU friend since you supported this particular blog -- YOU ROCK!!)

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