Friday, January 13, 2012

Birthday Boy BLAKE!!!

My sweet Birthday Boy BLAKE!!!   I can't believe he's ONE!!

B is for BOY!!!!   (I know, I know it's not like we have 9 girls and then finally a boy -- only 2 girls -- but the BOY is surely a treasure in this family full of estrogen!! :-)

L is for LOVEABLE!!!

A is for "Ain't I sooooo ADORABLE?!?!?!"

K is for KISSES and sucking my bowling fingers
(Some of you may not know this -- but my mommy sucked her bowling fingers too!!  I get it from her! :-)

(The cake that is -- it is extraordinary that mommy made my cake!  She must love me!!)

I think my sisters had more fun than I did opening my gifts.   THANK YOU everyone for your kind gifts.  

Now -- you knew the cake pictures were coming...... in the beginning....

....... in the end....

a well-deserved bath!!
 My very FIRST picture -- only 1 1/2 days old in Germany!!!   My, how I've grown!!

 It has truly been such a blessing to share Blake's life with him!!!  He is truly sweet, fun and so loving!!!  I think we'll KEEP HIM!!!    :-)    Here's to another blessed and fun-filled year, Blake!!  We ALL love you!

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