Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Ok................ see if you can keep up........  the 2011 Christmas season  (our first in Florida)  kept us very busy this year!!!!   I always have LOVED Christmas and this one proved to be WONDERFUL!
We started off with Wayne playing Rudolph at his squadron's Holiday party.   Such a CUTE reindeer!!

Our sweet little Blake turned 11 months old.  He's so much fun and keeps us smiling and laughing all the time!!   He shares his food with his sisters and laughs at their silly antics!!!
Wayne was able to visit Eve and Anna for lunch at school.   The holidays make it possible for extra gatherings and time together.   Thanks daddy!!  :-)

Blake's FIRST haircut!!!   My baby boy needed a little off the sides so we went to the barbor shop on base.   He did well - no crying - just a lot of looking around as if to ask, "What's going on here?"   We missed Aunt Tina -- our official "first haircut giver".  Unfortunately we knew we wouldn't see her for a few months to get our first haircut with her.  :-(   Do you approve Aunt Tina?  :-)

Santa flew in on an F-22 for one (of many) holiday parties.   I LOVE being military when something special like this happens!!!   I mean, how often does Santa come into a party on a plane? -- pretty cool!!!  The kids loved it --- so much so, you could hear the crickets chirping because all of the kids' jaws were dropped -- no clapping and cheering  - just staring!!   Too cool!!

with gifts for the kiddos -- I love their sweet and innocent faces!!!    (Notice the summer dresses and sandals -- for a party in an airplane hanger in December -- YEAH for warm Florida holidays!!!    (I still miss germany -- a TON -- just not the cold :-)

THEN............. Scott and Todd came over to join us for Christmas week!!   I decided to make it special.  So we rented a yacht and cruised around the bay area -- taking in the scenery and enjoying some good food and good times with friends!!!   (I only wish our other family and other friends could've been here TOO!)

sorry it's sideways -- but I love this pic of my brother!!  So handsome!!  :-)

I know it's blurry -- but what a GREAT group to hang out with!!!  When you're military and your family can't always be around for the holidays, it's friends like these who make it feel like family!!!   (Now I'm sending out LOTS OF LOVE to all of our friends around the world who have made our holidays special from year to year.  Love you guys!!  :-)

Christmas Eve...........
Christmas pageant at church   (Thanks Scott and Todd for attending and making your nieces feel so special and loved.)  The girls were in the choir and enjoyed singing beautifully as the teenagers did the acting.    (Anna looks like she's up to something, doesn't she? :-)

sideways again............ don't you just LOVE Blake's little suit???   I want to put him in it every day just because it's so darn cute!!!

Christmas morn.............
Anna was the first to see the gifts left by happy!!

Uncle Scott --- his job was to blow up the toys after tediously taking them out of their boxes.   (One of the toys took him an hour ---- such patience, Scott!  THANKS)

Uncle Todd's job -- to read stories and watch movies with the girls!!!   (Oh and bake cookies -- see the pic later.)

just hanging out on Christmas day

I got some "onion goggles" for Christmas .. Thank you Grammy.... they work wonderfully!!!   (Eve wears them too when the onions make her "eyes sad" :-)  :-)

Some fancy children's wine for the girls (and mommy)

Icing our cookies that Uncle Todd helped us make -- they were so pretty and so yummy!!!

Now --- over in Biloxi at Nana and PawPaw's house!! 
An old family picture from Germany where Scott, Carrie, Susie and I threw some leaves up in the air on a brisk fall day and we had the happiest little smiles on our faces!!   I've always treasured that picture and enjoy every opportunity that I get to re-make the picture!!!     Great job with the leaves kids!!!   (can you find little Harbour down there?  :-)

Nana and PawPaw with all of their wonderful grandchildren!!! 
Such a super cute group!!!  :-)

I know I know.... another sideways picture...  ooppsss
I decided that it's been long enough since Wayne has been in Biloxi and NOT seen Beauvoir -- last home of Jefferson Davis -- president of the confederacy.   It sits on the beach in Biloxi and has been renovated after Hurricane Katrina  smashed into it in 2005.  Wayne loves history so I thought he'd get a kick out of the experience.   The girls learned a lot too  (about using the potty OUTSIDE:-)  HA!!

Fabulous view from Beauvoir (which means "beautiful view")!!!   Totally right!!
There are a million more pics out there from our wonderful holidays -- but I thought I'd spare you ALL of the details!!!   Our Christmas-ES were fabulous!!!!  Hope yours were too!!!   
 Keep SMILING and look for my next blog from Blake's FIRST birthday ( tomorrow) and Eve's birthday in a few weeks!!! 

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  1. Love it, love it, love it! The haircut makes Racecar look so much older - STOP IT! I wish we could be there to ring in the first year, have a blast! I'm glad your holidays were so full of family and friends...we missed you on this side of the world :)