Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunny Seaside, Florida

There's a beautiful, almost mystical, little city here in Florida ---- SEASIDE!! 
Interesting facts...  Seaside is only 30 years old.  Food, clothing and realty in Seaside are very expensive.  Seaside is the town where they filmed the Jim Carrey movie, "The Truman Show".

Thanks to Angela, we knew that we had to discover this beautiful place for ourselves.   So we set out for a Saturday adventure  (twice in the month of January :-).     It's about an hour west of us -- a perfect little jaunt for the day!!
Eve and Anna LOVE holding the birds and learning their names.  No one got pooped on -- except mommy's wallet  (cost $10 just to take the picture -- YIKES!).

Blake loved sitting, crawling, and walking in the grass in the center of town.   The sunshine always feels so good.

Beautiful, beautiful beaches.   Just a stone's throw away from the restaurants and shopping - the beaches are calm and full of white shining sand and shimmering waters.   The girls could play on the beach all day!!

This one is for you Lindsey -- I know how you love pictures of bikes.  Well, here's a picture of bike pictures.  HA!!   Seaside has a great little area set off the main strip with cute, small shops full of art, clothing, jewelry and some antiques.  
(I've already found Carrie's birthday gift and her birthday isn't until December. :-)

"Sand Angels"

A very different sunset compared to the ones we're used to seeing in Germany.   It's a BEACH sunset!!  So amazing and beautiful!!

Hang on Blake -- hang on!!

Our big man -- walking :-)

Susie -- aren't you proud of this beautiful jete' ?    My little Anna Lyrical  is becoming quite the dancer!!  I could watch her dance all day while Eve plays and rolls down the hill.     LIFE IS GREAT!!!

Isn't he so adorable??!!
We also had the chance to bring Grammy to Seaside this past weekend.  But, I know Grammy doesn't want her picture out there on the internet.  So, out of respect for your wishes, Grammy, you are not seen here --- but we know you were with us and what a BEAUTIFUL day we spent together!!!
To those of you visiting us in the future .. we'd be more than happy to bring you to beautiful Seaside any time!!!   (Saturdays are best -- because I always love a good Saturday morning market!!)
Thank you, Angela, for telling us about this wonderful place that we will be visitng often.  We LOVE it!!

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  1. i love the bikes picture, indeed. now i wish we were going to be in the states an extra few days so we could make it to this gorgeous little town! one day we'll have lunch there together, deal?